Tips for Selling Your Items on SoleHub

Optimizing Your Store

SoleHub gives sellers the ability to create their own stores and add their own branding. Take advantage of that and show potential buyers that you are legit:
  • Upload a banner image & profile picture
    • This adds a nice touch to your store and shows buyers you are active on SoleHub.
  • Use the store description area
    • Use the description area to tell buyers about your store and shipping policies.

Make Your Products Consumer Friendly

  • Price your listings competitively and allow buyers to submit offers on products.
  • Take good pictures
    • Make sure your product images are well lit and in focus so you give buyers a good look at the product they want to purchase. DO NOT USE STOCK PHOTOS WHEN UPLOADING SNEAKERS.

Provide Good Customer Service

  • Be responsive. When buyers message you or submit offers, respond to them quickly.
  • Offer competitive shipping prices.
  • Remember that buyers will review their transactions with you. Provide a great experience for them, and you’ll be rewarded.